Places to Visit in Kullu Manali

Hidimba Temple, Manali
Hidimba Temple is dedicated to bhim wife, the Temple is constructed by Raja Bhadur Singh in pagoda Style. After the marriage of Bhim and Hidimba mata they lived together for a year and she give birth of a son , after that hidimba mata move for meditation in this area and In the year 1553, a four storied wodden temple was build. The Area of this temple is covered with long pine trees and very peaceful, The holy rock inside the temple is workshiped by devotees as a representation of goddess Hidimba. Ghor Pooja – Featival of Hidimba Temple is orzanised by the local community of manali, on 14th May of every year is celebrated as birthday of the presiding deity.
Vashist Temple, Manali
Vashisht temple is located just a 2-3 Kms for Manali Main mall. The surroundings of this temple is one of the picturesque destination in Manali, It is named after the Rishi vashishta the mid son of lord Brahma. The one mostfamous thing about this temple is hot sulphure spring all the year in this cold hill station of India. This water is a good treatment of skin disease……
Club House
As the name suggest CLUB HOUSE is club for tourists in Manali with all the activities of games adventure bout indoor and outdoor. It is developed by Himachal tourism Development Corporation. A nominal entry fee is charge to maintain the gestures of club. It is having the following facilities like Hall, Billiard Table tennis, kids play activities and a Restaurant
Rahalla Falls
Rahalla falls in around 27 Km away from manali on the way to Rohtang pass. This fall is the result of melting glaciers. It is on the height of 3980 m from the sea level, Rahalla is an important point on the trade route called Rahalla Pass. Rahalla falls is one of the famous and spectacular tourists spot in manali. The fall is surrounded by forest of deodar and birch trees. Its own beauty combined with the surrounding make it a marvelous spot. This fall is remain open for the public from the month of June to November that is the peak season time in Manali. The beauty of this place is very difficult to express in words.
Kullu Manikaran
Manikaran is a gurudwara in kullu. It is situated in Parvati valley between the rivers beas and parvati around 45 km from kullu. Manikaran is at an altitude of 1760m. The place is famous for its hot water spring. Many tourists come to explore this place and take a holy dip to the water. This water of the spring is so hot; one can also boil the rice and vegetables. It is also believed that at this place once Goddess parvati lost her earring in the spring and recovered it from the spring.
Mall Road in Manali
Mall road is one of the tourist’s attractions in Manali; it is just a simple road where many showrooms, shops, restaurants, and cafes are located. It can be called as shopping point and main market in manali. It is the backbone of the city because the bus, taxi stands, fire service, police headquarters and tourism office too are located here. It is one of the happening places in manali because of this reasons it is famous among tourists and tourists like to stroll at this place.

Visitors can explore this place and can pick out the things that are available in the various shops. Major things that are sold here are shawls, caps, and woolen items. At mall road tourists spend the leisure time while doing shopping and eating delicious food.
Monasteries in Manali
Kullu Manali is home of several Tibetan people many tobetan monesteries are situated in manali. Many Tibetan handicraft designs are decorated and preserved in the form of tibetan culture.

In Manali three tibetan monasteries are built. These monasteries are one of the famous attraction of manali shows the culture and tradition of tibetan people.

Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa: It is situated on mall road and was constructed in the year of 1969. The main attraction in monastery is its handicraft and carpets that are woven and sold.

Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa: This monastery is more modern than the Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa.It is located near the market. It is slightly smaller. There is a huge statue of God Buddha.
Manu maharishi Temple Manali
The Manu Maharishi temple is placed in Old Manali. People believe in the temple and consider it a sacred place. Several visitors from all around the world come to worship because it is the only existing temple dedicated to Rishi Manu. The temple is enveloped in pine trees. The temple is completely made of stones all the god and goddess are engraved in stone art.
Beas Kund
Beas kund is the place from where a beas river is originated. People of the hindu religion consider it a holy place because it is believed by the people that Rishi Vyas as a bathing place. The local person of manali says that taking dip to the kund cure many skin related diseases. In this kund many adventurous activities like trekking and camping take place. Tourists do trekking and cover stony path to reach kund.
Naggar Castle
Naggar Castle was built around 1460 A.D. by Raja Sidh Singh of Kullu. After reforming this castle it is converted into a rest house, in 1978 this old building is handed over to Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation. It is surrounded with kullu valley and apart from the spectacular read and very good location this includes a flavor of authentic western Himalayan design.
Van Vihar
Van Vihar is a garden located on Mall Road in Manali. There is a lake in the garden that also provides boating facilities. It is full of tall deodar trees. One more interesting thing about this amazing place is the sound of river beas running quietly beside. It is just like a picnic place or rest spot for the tourists.


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